iTunes pre-order

Make your Album available as pre-order on iTunes

Make your Album available as pre-order on iTunes
A pre-order is when you make your album, single or EP available for sale on iTunes before your official release date. Making your Release available as a pre-order is a GREAT way to help generate buzz for your new release and to further increase music sales 
Instant Gratification track
Pre-orders can have an "Instant Gratification" track, this grants anyone who pre-orders your album in the iTunes store a free track that they can listen to immediately.
Albums are only eligible for an instant gratification track if they have 11 or more tracks. Instant gratification tracks must be less than 10 minutes in length.

Your release date must be at least 15 days in the future

Your release must be delivered on MusicDigi before setting up a pre-order


For only $19.99 / Per setup