Earn ad revenue when your music is used on YouTube.


With MusicDigi’s YouTube content ID service you earn money whenever your music is used in a video even if it’s just playing in the background of a video someone else uploaded.
First, opt-into YouTube Audio Content ID in the MusicDigi upload form. You can also opt-in a release after it's been uploaded to MusicDigi, if you prefer.

Once you've opted in, MusicDigi will sends your music to YouTube to be enrolled in their Content ID tracking system. This is YouTube's system that's able to identify when your music is used in a video. When a video is uploaded to YouTube, the site’s Content ID algorithm scans the video and compares its audio content to “every upload on YouTube,”

Whenever your music is detected in any video, YouTube will monetize those videos by running ads on them, The ad revenue (80%) will go to you, instead of the person who uploaded the video. These earnings will be shown in your MusicDigi "Report" tab.
YouTube Content ID is the system, first rolled out in 2008 and extended to music in 2010, through which rightsholders are able to upload their content to a database that YouTube then uses to match against works uploaded to the site by third-party users.

All revenue generated via YouTube YouTube Content ID comes from advertising. Ads are served to videos based on availability and with an algorithm that measures each viewer’s ad saturation. This means that whenever one viewer watches multiple monetised videos after another, ads won’t be served every time he or she views a video, as YouTube doesn’t want to deter viewers by overloading them with ads. Also, as most ads are bought on a bidding basis, prices for those ads vary based on availability.