How To Set up a pre-order on iTunes and Google Play

17-07-2017 / by MusicDigi

How To Set up a pre-order on iTunes and Google Play

Pre-sale on iTunes are a great way to build hype for your new music, giving you an extra time to create buzz before the full album actually drops. iTunes is prime real-estate for music retail — so those extra weeks can have a big impact. 

iTunes Pre-Sale

A iTunes pre-sale allows your fans to order your music from iTunes in advance of its release. Then, on the official release date, your pre-sale customers will receive an automatic download of your music into their iTunes player.

What do the fans get?

They’ll preview the names of tracks and cover artwork. If you designate “Track Previews,” they can listen to 90-second samples of different songs. If you have “Instant Gratification Tracks,” they can buy and download designated tracks instantly.

How does it affect iTunes chart position?

Pre-order sales count towards your iTunes chart position both during the pre-order period, as well as on your release date. So driving fans to purchase your pre-order can help you rise on iTunes charts!

Albums or singles?

When it comes to front page features, iTunes tends to choose albums over singles. That’s not to say singles aren’t an important part of a release strategy too, as they can help to give you a solid iTunes sales history to strengthen your chances of hitting the front page. iTunes also features separate singles charts for various genres, which can help you build your reputation and reach.

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