Spotify Windowing

Make your album available on Spotify premium tier

Earn more royalties by making your album an exclusive release on Spotify premium tier for two weeks ahead of your official release date.
What is a Spotify Windowing?  
Spotify Windowing, is a flexible release feature that lets artists place their albums exclusively on Spotify’s premium tier for two weeks ahead of the official release date, meaning paying subscribers will get to listen to the new album earlier than the free tier.
What are the benefits of a Spotify Windowing? 
—Reach millions of new listeners and fans  
—You earn double royalties during Spotify Windowing period. 
—Help increase your chart position.
Please note, Spotify Windowing cannot be added to a release after it has been paid for and distributed to stores. You need to set up Spotify Windowing during the upload process to take advantage of this feature.    
Spotify Windowing option can only be applied for releases that have 7+ tracks or that their total track audio length is more than 30 minutes.
How do i set up Spotify Windowing?
You can set up Spotify Windowing directly in your MusicDigi account as part of the upload process.
Spotify Windowing is a FREE service for all MusicDigi members.