Worldwide music distribution. No annual fees.

With MusicDigi, you keep your music, royalties, and rights. Our pricing is simple, a $25 sign up fee, and then a rate per each release. No annual fees to keep your music up.

$25 to Sign Up

+ Flat Fees Per Release

  • No Annual Fees per Release(s)
  • 100% of Royalties
  • Spotify, TIDAL, Apple & more!
  • Monthly Sales reports & Trends
  • Delivery to hundreds of partners
  • Free ISRC & UPCs
  • Customized artist page
  • And much more!


1-5 Tracks

per release

6-10 Tracks

per release

11-15 Tracks

per release

16-20 Tracks

per release

What other artists say about MusicDigi

MusicDigi is great because it has allowed me to put my music out in a professional fashion just like the big artist in the music industry.
— Corey Rector , Artist
MusicDigi is a great resource because they give underground artist the opportunity for good exposure on a mainstream level which makes MusicDigi the best networking tool for any up and coming artist.
— Jayy Depp , Artist