Revolutionizing Music Distribution

MusicDigi is a digital distribution and services partner for independent artists and labels. We help our members manage their careers without giving up ownership or control of their music.

Founded on trust and transparency, MusicDigi is the trusted partner of independent artists and labels globally, from new artists at the beginning of their career to global successes. MusicDigi offers services such as digital music distribution, YouTube monetization, ringtones distribution, publishing administration, member support from industry experts, and real-time data analytics through the MusicDigi Members Portal.

To keep it short; MusicDigi makes it possible for everyone to release and sell music worldwide!

What other artists say about MusicDigi cares about the artist knowing all the details about their Royalties. I love that they give us a full detailed royalty statement. Plus 100% to the artist....hell yea!!!
— Eryn Woods , Artist-songwriter
So thankful I stumbled upon MusicDigi.. it makes releasing my music a much more consistent process!
— Mark Stokes , Artist