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What's included

Distribution To All Major Stores Worldwide

Release unlimited music to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, and 150+ more.

More about the stores

Free ISRC & UPC Codes

We provide UPC and ISRC codes for all your releases free of charge. You never have to think about it, or you can enter yours.

Custom Release Date

Want your album to go live on a specific date in the music stores? Not a problem, you can set a custom release date.

91% Royalty Share

91% of all payouts from the music stores go straight to you. Withdraw your funds easily through PayPal.

Spotify Windowing

For a 2-week period ahead of your official release date, make your music available only to Spotify premium users.

Production credits

Get your songwriting, production, and performance credits distributed to stores.

Analytics & Trending Reports

Track sales and trend data for all your releases across different stores and countries with customizable reports.

Distribute To Social Media

Get your music on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & Reels.

Compilation Releases

Easily create compilations from your existing catalog to help you maximise your revenue.



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