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10 Tips for Building Your Fanbase

If you’re starting out in music, expanding and growing your fanbase can be a tricky thing to do. However, we have a few tips you can use when trying to grow your fanbase and get your music out there.

Take a look at the tips below:

(1) Firstly, what makes you stand out from all the artists that are like you? Highlight yourself from all other artists that you may be similar to and let fans know why you’re different.

(2) Set up a mailing list so people get regular updates about your music. Also, referral systems are great to reward any fans that refer a friend by giving them  a free piece of merch like a key ring of a digital download code.

(3) Communication plays a big part in expanding your fanbase, so don’t neglect it. Your fans support you and your music so make sure you pay attention to them and communication with them in anyway you can, like replying to comments and messages.

(4) Communication pays off because you satisfy your fans, this is likely to lead them to tell others about you which doesn’t cost you a bean! So make sure you connect with your fans, it can only benefit you.

(5)  Doing a collaboration with fans can always be beneficial, not necessarily a musical collab but a project fans can get involved in. For example, you could ask fans to submit designs for your new album cover.

(6) Give your fans exclusive access to things on your Official Website that only members can view. This will increase the amount of people that sign up to your site.

(7) Competitions are great ways to get more fans and you don’t even have to spend a lot. You can ask fans to get 2,3 or 5 friends to sign up and like your social pages and comment on a post when done for a chance to win a signed CD, for example.

(8) You can also give your fans something in exchange for their email address, like access to an exclusive video or a digital code to your new single.

(9) Trial different types of music you pass on to your fans to show your different styles, but don’t stray too far from your actual genre as some fans may lose interest.

(10) Ask for your fans advice and opinions, this makes them feel included in your music and closer to you as an artist.

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