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6 unstoppable tips to selling more music

With the change in the business model of music from physical to digital, it is now important to do more than just music. The competition is raging and if you want to monetize your sounds, you have to redouble your efforts and creativity. read our 6 tips!

1. Rule number one: you are a brand

Do you want to sell your music? So consider yourself a brand in its own right with all that it implies: an identity as visual as sound, claims, a successful website, pockets that make you want ...

2. Are you a brand? So do your pub!

It may seem presumptuous but no one will know who you are if you do not talk about yourself so go for it! On social networks and in real life, you need to be your number one conversation topic.

It's not self licking but promo and for an artist, it's essential. And if you're afraid of drunk everyone with your music, think about a more original and personal communication that the unbearable message grouped in "share my sound if you like."

3. Make the buzz!

Ok we can not stand this expression almost has been, but today you have no chance if you do not get noticed on the internet. But do not do anything. Stay in the music business and stick to your style, test videos, see what others are doing, try and not give up.

4. If you do not speak English yet, learn!

Communication is good. Communication worldwide is better! So translate everything. Speak to a French and potentially international audience. If your music can reach people all over the world, it's better no?

5. Chat with your fans

And be nice to them. Put some distance but always stay respectful and cool with the people who listen to you. Especially those who are there from the beginning. First because without them you will not exist and because they are also the best free means of communication so you have.

6. Pay attention to what works

Music softens manners so do not think competition. Others can also be a source of inspiration.

Now you have the cards in hand to be on top. Remember that your business is your business. You are an artist, but you are above all an entrepreneur. The website , marketing, communication, digital distribution , business cards, Paypal account ... you have to manage everything yourself if you want to be sure to succeed.
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