6 Ways Artists Can Use Amazon Music

10-02-2021 / by MusicDigi

6 Ways Artists Can Use Amazon Music

As one of the leading global streaming and download platforms, it’s a must that independent musicians get music on Amazon Music. But did you know Amazon Music offers tons of extremely useful tools for independent musicians?

Once you’ve got your music in stores, you can claim your Amazon Music for Artists Profile to get started. Once approved (it can take a little time to get approved), you can log in to begin customizing your profile and taking advantage of the great tools the platform has to offer to promote your music.

Submit Your Music to Amazon’s Editorial Team

Amazon lets you submit your upcoming releases directly to its editorial team to help increase the chances your music will get placed on a playlist. While it’s not as easy to use and isn’t integrated like Spotify’s playlist submission process, it’s still pretty simple. To submit music to Amazon’s curators, just send a link to your music to music-submissions@amazon.com with the artist and track name, release date, distributor (MusicDigi, if you’re a member), and the genre of your music.

Reach Fans on Amazon Music When You Stream on Twitch

Amazon Music has partnered with Twitch, the uber popular and growing live-stream and gaming platform. Why is this good for you? Well, when you stream your music on Twitch (ex. A live concert), you can easily link your Twitch account to your Amazon Music Artists account, which will notify your Amazon Music followers when you go live. This means more people will see your event and watch. You can easily link your accounts on your profile and tools page once you log in to your Amazon Music Artists account.

Amazon Music Extension for Twitch

Not only can you link your accounts, but you can also add the Amazon Music Extension for Twitch. This lets you use any music from Amazon’s music catalog in your Twitch streams using an integrated player. While this is a great feature, it requires both you and your audience members to be Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited members in order for them to hear the music when you’re streaming. You can use this feature to easily stream your music during gaming or other live events on Twitch.

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Earn Revenue with Amazon Referrals

Amazon offers a referral program to help boost subscriptions to some of its products like Amazon Prime. If you sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can earn $3 for everyone who signs up through your link to access a free trial to Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited. This is even automatically integrated into your Twitch streams when you add the Twitch extension we mentioned above. You’ll make money from anyone who signs up during your Twitch streams when you enable this feature.

Sell Merch

Selling your merch through Amazon’s Artist Merch Shop is always a good way to connect with fans and earn some extra money. Amazon makes the process easy by allowing you to create, sell, and send merch like t-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases on demand through your dashboard. Or, if you’d prefer, you can just set up your own store to take and ship orders through your Amazon portal. They do take a small cut, but you may find the convenience worth it.

Amazon Music user stats

Amazon Music for Artists offers some killer analytics for its users, including fan data that helps you track listener behavior, peak listening times, and where fans are streaming your music from. It also tells you how your music is trending on Alexa, Amazon’s voice command feature. All this data can help you tailor your promotion and release plan to better capture Amazon’s growing audience.

To Sum It Up

Amazon Music offers tons of tools for independent artists looking to promote their music in new and creative ways. If you’re planning on releasing new music, MusicDigi makes it easy to. 

Amazon Music gives musicians access to a huge audience, so it’s important to get your music into the platform. Once you’ve got tracks in Amazon Music, you'll be able to take advantage of all these and other great tools Amazon Music has to offer to artists.

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