Behind the Song | Annishka

ANNISHKA is a creative force to be reckoned with. A combination of dance, retro pop, and R&B, her music is always sure to be a bop. We linked up with the artist-songwriter to find out more about the inspiration for her song, "Holding On," plus what's up next for her.

Q. What inspired your single "Holding On"?
I was inspired by real life events whether it was personal or from my peers. I feel like alot of women can really relate to this record because we tend to hold on to people who take our love for granted. Toxic relationships seem far to common and this record was created to give women the courage to walk away and do better for themselves.

Q: Who in the music industry - past and present - are your greatest influences?
My greatest influence would be Michael Jackson! Present all the women in the game winning! I'm rooting for all the ladies putting in that work!

Q: What advice do you have for new artists trying to break into the industry?
Consistency is Key! Don't be discouraged stay encouraged! Believe in your self and live your dreams. Anything is possible!

Q. What's the coolest place you've ever performed?
Performing on National televsion had to be the dopest. Being able to perform period is an absolute blessing though. Just being able to do what I love is everything to me.

Q. What's next for Annishka?
Currently, i'm working on a new project that im excited about . Expect a new single on the way before the summer! Touring And some bomb ass merch! Stay tuned!

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