Artist Spotlight: Bella Blaq

Rapper and song-writer Bella Blaq talks about her latest single, inspiring fans and herself, and how she got her rap name.
What was your inspiration for your song “Gettin' 2 It”

My inspiration for " Gettin 2 IT" was a bad relationship ! It was my way of mentally preparing myself for the breakup . 
How did you get the name Bella Blaq?

When I was younger I use to hate being so dark skinned . People would pick on me because of my skin complexion . When I turned 19 I began to understand that I had to love myself and the skin I was in ! As I got older people would tell me I was pretty for a dark skinned girl. What does that even mean ? so i did a little research and a few different languages the word bella means beautiful and " blaq " which is black! That's how I came up with " Bella Blaq" My blaq is beautiful!

Coolest place you’ve ever performed?

The coolest place I've performed was at this venue " Red Rose " in fort Walton Florida . It was amazing !!

Why is Musicdigi a great tool for artists?

Musicdigi is great because it gives you opportunities and connections that you may can't reach yourself !

What's next for Bella Blaq?

I'm currently working on an ep and doing my very own reality show!! Also check out my official website bellablaq.com  
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