10-10-2016 / BY MUSICDIGI / TIPS

Digital Stores Artwork Requirement

It's crucial that the information you've provided on your front cover art matches the information provided in your submission, and vice versa.

1. Quality of images. The cover art must not be any of the following: blurry, pixelated, mismatched, misaligned, rotated, incorrect, or have other quality issues.


2. Links and webpages. The cover art must not contain website addresses, websites that sell music, mention to social media, logos of any store or services related to entertainment, mention to phisical formats, or any external reference of the digital release.


3. Credits and collaborations. The cover art must not include credits or other artist's names who are not the primary artist of the release. Mention of composers, arrangers, producers, etc. are also not acceptable. All information must be assigned in their corresponding fields.


4. Tracklisting. The cover art must not contain track listing, as the image will be generally visualized in small formats.


5. Descriptions and biographies. The cover art must not include albums' descriptions, nor artist's biographies.


6. Telephone or email addresses. The cover art must not contain any telephone number and email addresses.


7. Digital Product. The cover art must not include references to it being a digital product.


8. Pricing. The cover art must not include references to pricing, nor any information with promotional purposes.


9. Pornography. The cover art must not contain pornography or a URL for a website that contains or links to pornography.


10. Misleading information. The cover art must not be misleading. For example, prominently depicting or referencing an artist even though the artist does not perform on the album.


11. Missing Content. The cover art must not contain references to content that the album doesn't contain, such as “included DVD” or “includes lyrics.”


12. Offensive Symbolism. The cover art must not contain any kind of symbolism that offends a specific group of persons or ethnicities, such as nazi symbolism restricted by the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a.


13. Irrelevant information. The cover art must not include additional information which are irrelevant to the content's identification, Such as "descriptions", "biographies", "credits", etc.


14. Dimensions of cover art. The cover art must accomplish with all following requirements.

  • Proportion: Must be squared.
  • Minimum size: 3000 x 3000 px.
  • Maximun size: 5000 x 5000 px.
  • Acepted formats: JPG, TIFF or PNG.
  • Mode: RGB (CMYK is not acceptable)
  • Maximun size of file: 36 MB.

The images not meeting with all the above requirements will not be accepted by the platform.

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