Behind The Song: Ren Easton

Get to know our friend Ren Easton! In this exclusive interview Eryn shares her thoughts on some of the hardest challenges independent artists face today, her advice for overcoming them,and shares a checklist on how to brand yourself as an artist. 

1. Give a checklist of the 4 key ways an artist can create a brand.

Ways to create a brand for yourself? I’d say one major way – and that is to find a signature style. Find something that makes you stand out. That could be your hair, your clothes, your voice, the music you produce with the producer that you use, your writing style. All these different things. Make something stand out, that when people hear it, when people see it, they know it’s you. 

2. How is picking the right name important for an artist?

Honestly, if you’re just being you, it doesn’t really matter what the name is. It’s gonna stand out.

3. Is it okay to be influenced by other artists?

And it is okay, I would say, to be influenced by other artists. I’m influenced by other artists.  But what I do is I take those things, and I make them my own.  I make them an Eryn Woods. So, when people are looking at it, they’re not saying ‘Eryn is biting off someone’s style or biting off someone’s look.’  Just make it your own.  

4. What is your favorite Eryn Woods record?

My favorite Eryn Woods record would have to be the record that I just released, which is called ‘Broke and Famous.’ Go check it out on SoundCloud. ‘Broke and Famous’ is basically how a lot of us artists live. There’s so much we have to do in this business with music videos, the clothes we wear, the travelling, everything, costs tons and tons of money. So really, you’re super, super famous, but you don’t have all the money people think you do because you’re spending so much money on your craft.  So, that is what the song means. So make sure you go check it out on SoundCloud.
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