Branding Yourself as a Musician- A Checklist

05-10-2017 / by MusicDigi

Branding Yourself as a Musician- A Checklist

If you want to make a career out of your music, you should market yourself. And in order to market yourself well, you should treat your band as a brand. It’s simply a must if you want release your music and reach a bigger audience.

Here is a list of things a band should have if you want to brand yourself and make a career out of your craft.

A remarkable Logo. This is the first requirement if you’re planning to promote your band. You need this for your website, social sites, merchandise, for your stage during gigs…everything! You may start promoting yourself without it but it’s a big plus if you already have a logo. It separates you from the newbies.

Website Layout. Your website layout should reflect your music and your personality as a band and, more importantly, it should help build your brand online. Try to be unique and remarkable with the fonts, copy, icons, and the overall look. Try to challenge the stereotypes of your genre without leaving it.

Fashion Statement. KISS, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson- These guys are aware that they should use their bodies to promote their music. You cannot just wear whatever you want if you want to be known for your fashion but you do not have to be over the top like Lady Gaga either. A simple accessory like a big hat can make a big difference.

Cool Band Photos. All bands that aspire to become big need conceptual band photos for posters, merch, website, social networks, press kits, and a lot more. This is as important as the logo- you need this in order to start any kind of promotion. Let’s try the most basic- Facebook. Have you ever seen a facebook page without any band photos?

Creative CD Artwork. If you’re planning to release an album soon, then you better start thinking about the CD artwork. Your new release will likely be displayed in record stores, in your website, in online stores so your packaging better be impressive. You do not have to spend big bucks to have a catchy CD artwork because there are so many ways to make a catchy CD cover that cost little money.

Vinyl Release. If you want to go one step higher and if you think you have fans who are willing to spend, then release a limited edition vinyl. This will make your band look more handsome. Besides, you don’t have to be so scared of your sales because more people are now buying vinyl records.

Fun Giveaways. Give your fans cool stuff that do not cost a lot during your gigs. Some bands give their fans cards and giveaways during the holidays. Here are some unique band giveaways to inspire you.

Blog. The best way to captivate your audience, aside from your music, is thru stories. Tell them stuff about your day and your opinions about the latest issues. Show your human side and not just the “music machine” side. It will make them like you more. Make sure you know how to blog effectively to maximize your blog’s marketing potential and not turn off fans.

Music Videos. Your music video should have personality if you want to create a brand. Try to aim for viral success by getting extra creative. Do not just make music videos that are forgettable. There are millions of ways to make your video unique so explore.

Graphic Tees and Merch. If your logo is not yet that popular, go for really cool-looking graphic shirts then just put your name and a small logo somewhere. Make sure your designs match your personality and make sure they’re the kinds that your fans would love to have. Same goes with your merch and stickers.

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