Breakthrough Artist of the Week: 2Kz

04-03-2019 / by MusicDigi

Breakthrough Artist of the Week: 2Kz

With MusicDigi Breakthrough, we’re constantly showcasing new music from our favorite up-and-coming artists across all genres, and each week we pick one artist in particular to shine our spotlight on. This week, we take a look at 2Kz, a Toronto rapper who has had support from names like Drake and Hennessy Carolina.

2Kz released his first single 'Bankroll' on MusicDigi in 2018, followed by hits 'For the Love of the Money and 'Intern' before the year was out. 2Kz didn't stop there, He went on to put out an EP title "Trap Rel8ted," Which quickly racked up almost half a million streams in only two weeks. His viral reception has seen him receive support from huge celebrities, and he's a regular on Apple Music's Beat1 radio. In particular, Drake has given 2Kz a lot of backing, and it's no surprise, as a lot of people have compared his style to the man himself.

2Kz is well known for his trap music style. His bars speak on his personal experiences with an engaging flow. He often speaks out on needed criminal justice reform in his city in songs and on social media. He's not only focusing on his own success and talent, but that of his hometown and its hip hop scene. This independent rapper is strongly affiliated with the Toronto rap scene and continues to get more popular with each new release. The latter has also been featured as HipHopCanada's Song of the Day, helping to give the artist another big boost in exposure.

One thing is sure - he is helping bolster Toronto's reputation for fresh, quality music. Keep a lookout for 2Kz as he continues to climb the ranks in music.


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