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CNG, who hails from California, knows what it takes to rise - and rising he is. His name, which stands for Comes N Goes, is a tribute to life's ups and downs. The west coast influence is pervasive in his flow, and he sees himself as a voice for the people. We talked with him about his latest single "88 CHEVY" and more.

1.How did you get the name 'CNG'?
CNG Stands for Comes N Goes I wanted a name to represent everything that comes n goes throughout my life and my music. Everything comes n goes

2. What inspired your single '88 CHEVY'?
88 CHEVY is a record that was inspired from my very first automobile, 88 Chevy S10. It was a time when no one knew who I was in the music industry. I wanted to show the growth from where I was then to where I am now thankfully.

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3. What advice do you have for artists trying to build their brand and create a culture around their music?
Invest in yourself Time,money,knowledge, the whole 9 yards A lot of people want the success but don't know how to handle it once they get a bit of shine. In this game there's no slowing down. You can never get comfortable, just have to keep going and believe in yourself. If you really want it that bad, it will happen for you I promise.

4. What's the coolest place you've ever performed?
Fox theater Pomona ca.

5. What's next for CNG?
To level up and go worldwide.

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