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How To Add Your Song Lyrics To Instagram Stories

You may have noticed that many songs now have song lyrics added to Instagram Stories, but not sure how to do it yourself? It’s easy!

Follow our guide below, and if you’re not already releasing music through MusicDigi, sign up to get your music on Instagram and Facebook.

Upload Your Lyrics To Instagram Using MusixMatch

MusixMatch is the partner service that delivers lyrics to Instagram. Artists like Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and A$AP Rocky all use this platform, and their service will get your lyrics on Shazam, Apple Music, and Google all in one go.

How It Works

1. Sign up for Musixmatch.com and get verified, which usually takes a few days.

2, Download the MusixMatch app on desktop or mobile to add or edit your time-synched lyrics. As soon as your lyrics are approved by MusixMatch and added to Instagram, you can easily find them by following these steps:

Go into story mode on Instagram and add lyrics by choosing the “music” sticker from the options at the bottom after you take a photo or video.

Pick the song you want to use and select the part of the song you want playing on the 15 second clip. This will also let you easily time-synch the lyrics to this part of the song.

Choose from options like lyrics, animations, font, and color. You can also move, resize, or rotate the lyrics on your story.

Once you share it, fans can see the lyrics pop up as the music plays. If they tap on the lyrics, a pop up will show the song title and artist name that will link to your Instagram profile.

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