A great way to make some extra cash is to sell ringtones.

You could either edit popular songs and turn them into ringtones (careful with the legalities here), or better yet, if you are a musician yourself you can turn your own music into ringtones.

And if you think the last time anybody bought a ringtone was 2007, think again. Though the sales have declined sharply in the last few years, according to Gartner the industry is still worth $2.1 billion!

Clearly there is still a market (a huge one I might add) out there for ringtones.

How Do You Make a Ringtone?

A ringtone can be any type of audio, from parts of songs to your own voice recordings. They are usually less than 30 seconds long and consist of the best part of the song/music. To make them, you could either use a software, or you can use a digital aggregators like MusicDigi that will allow you to turn any music into ringtones through their system.  If you can make catchy clips you can build a profitable business.

Operating within the Law

Many ringtones are songs from popular artists. However, keep in mind that it is illegal to use licensed work without the owner's authorization. If you want to make ringtones from a popular song, movie track or other copyrighted product, contact the creator or the licensing company.  
How Do You Sell Ringtones? 

Distributing your ringtones with MusicDigi is quick and easy! To begin simply signup for a MusicDigi account then login and click “Create Ringtone” on the menu item and you can begin. The process is very similar to creating a release.


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