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How to Create an Electronic Press Kit for Musicians

When you’re trying to get noticed, pitching your to curators, press and other influential people can be tough. One of the things that’ll make the process a lot easier for you is having a great EPK (electronic press kit) in place. Here’s how to create one as a musician and what you’ll need to include in it.

What is an Electronic Press Kit? 

An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is a resume or CV for musicians. It’s designed to provide labels, agents, music supervisors, promoters and the media with essential information about who you are as an artist so that you can get noticed, land a gig and/or make connections.

What to include in an Electronic Press Kit for Musician:

Audio Links

Audio links are obviously a vital aspect of your press pack. This is what you want people to judge you on first and foremost and it’s what’s most important. Include links to your Soundcloud and other online music, as well as info on your latest releases.

Social Media Links

Linking to your website and social media links is a good idea because it’ll provide press with more information and an idea of your online influence and audience. A big following and great engagement on social media can boost your chances of a booking.


Your bio is a opportunity to convince the press of how unique you are. Your bio needs to include some background info on yourself, your achievements and recent shows at notable venues.

High-Res Photography

Good photos are essential because they tell your story and convey your image as an artist to people who aren’t familiar with you yet. Select the best photos you have and put them in your EPK. Performance


Video content is obviously huge these days, so it makes a lot of sense to include footage of your live performances in your EPK. Highlight your best recorded performances so the people viewing your EPK know what they’re in for. A live video of you performing will be of much more use to any promoter or potential manager.

Review and Interview Clippings

Some review and interview clippings will let people know that your music has already been covered and praised in the media. That’s something that you’ll want to highlight.

Contact Details

As well as a basic bio and discography, you should also make it as easy as possible for people to contact you. That means listing your contact details in a clear and correct way.

Once you’ve completed your EPK, you have to make it available. Try creating a Dropbox link that you can send, or make it downloadable from your website.   

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