05-06-2020 / BY MUSICDIGI / TIPS

How to Distribute Music to Facebook and Instagram

Getting your tracks added to Facebook’s music catalog is simple. If you use MusicDigi to distribute your music, you can opt-into Facebook Music which gives billions of users across Facebook and Instagram the ability to use your music in their organic content. This includes Instagram Stories and Reels. Artists can also verify and submit lyrics to Instagram -- This lets you and your fans add lyrics to Instagram Stories that promote your songs. 

How do I send my music to Facebook?

To get your music included in Facebook’s music catalog:

For old music:
1. Sign into your MusicDigi account  
2. Click your album 
3. Click “Preview and Distribute” 
4. Click “Distribute this release” then choose “Facebook content manager”. 
5. Congrats it's all done!

For new music:
When your upload your new music to MusicDigi simply select the Facebook content manager option in the stores page.

How does Facebook's Monetization service work?

Opting into distribution to Facebook Music allows users to put your music in the content they create and share on Facebook and Instagram. This includes features such as a searchable Audio Library. Adding your music to Facebook allows your music the chance of earning revenue.

This is free for everyone who uses MusicDigi, It’s included with distribution, so there’s no extra charge. 

Start collecting money from Facebook today, Signup to MusicDigi now and add your music.

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