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How To Make A Music Video On A DIY Budget

Making a music video on a budget definitely requires creativity. Whether you're a rising artist or you've launched your own label, using video to promote your music is a must. So how do you make engaging video content without breaking the bank? We've put together some of the best tips for making videos on the cheap.

Pin Down Your Concept

Let's just start by saying that spending money does not equal a good finished product. If you don't have a vision, you probably won't end up with a quality outcome regardless of how much you throw at it. A video with clear concept will get more views and gain you more follows. Some of the most viral videos have had the worst production quality but nail the concept. Just make sure your concept is realistically doable based on your budget.

Don't forget to be you and reflect your brand in your video. Let's not forget the viral video by OK Go, a choreographed treadmill dance video shot in one shot with no edits. It ended up winning a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video in 2007 despite its utter simplicity and barely existent budget.

Location, Location, Location

Figuring out where to shoot will be easier if you've got your concept planned out. You'll have a better idea of what you will need and what places might work. Sometimes it isn't even about the place, but the angle. Try finding creative angles or frames to make a regular place like your apartment become an edgy set for your shoot.

If you can spring for a studio, consider shooting multiple videos at once or extra scenes to help create extra content when you sit down to edit. You might end up with some great behind the scenes shots you can use to tease the video.

Find Sponsorships

Free stuff doesn't hurt, right? Sponsorships can be a great way to inject a little extra something into your project, from free clothes to free products and more depending on the deal you can etch out. Companies are always itching to get their brand seen, so you'd be surprised how often they are willing to sponsor projects of all sizes.

Try reaching out to the PR for a brand or talk with a store manager to see if they're interested. Be sure to make it brief and provide an overview of your project and how they will benefit.

Use Your Phone to Shoot

Your phone is the tool that keeps on giving when it comes to making video. Sure, you can shoot the video on your phone and probably end up with some pretty good quality shots if you have a decent one. However, you can also take advantage of tons of apps to help you edit your footage as well. Bottom line is, you don't need expensive equipment to make good videos, so use what you've got to work with.

Team Up

Networking in the music industry is invaluable, but it's also important to connect with creatives from everywhere. Look for aspiring filmmakers, actors, models, and others who are all about the creativity and want to collaborate. Don't forget to give credit where due and help them create their visions as well, as these could turn into long-term partnerships.

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