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How To Sell Music On Rdio

Rdio is one of the most popular subscription based music services in the world and they have been readily available to music lovers for several years. Rdio is currently available to consumers world wide and their catalogue has over 20 million songs available. They are constantly rated by customers as having the best app and online interface, making song searching and playlist curation easy as possible. If you don't have your music in Rdio, you are missing out on a huge segment of the digital music marketplace. It couldn't be easier to get your music into Rdio with our simple to use album submission process from within your Dashboard at MusicDigi.

How do I start selling my music on Rdio?

This is the easy part! All you need to do is submit your album or single via your Dashboard at MusicDigi. You'll submit information like the title, artist, street date, etc. Then, you select the stores you want your music sent to and finally upload your audio files and cover art. Our system will then process your music and make sure it's all formatted correctly, and then deliver it to the stores world-wide. It's that simple.

Set your street date

You can set a specific street date in the future that you want your music to go live in Rdio allowing you time to prepare your marketing campaigns.



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