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How To Sell Music On Spotify

Spotify has changed how many people listen to music, and It has become absolutely vital for artists trying to make it big in the 21st century to have their music on Spotify.

Launched in October 2008, Spotify is the largest subscription based music streaming service in the world, with more than 160 million active users and 70 million paid subscribers in 61 markets. The service allows users to sign up to a free ad-supported account, or pay for a premium account, and offers their users a number of ways to listen to the music they love. By putting your music on Spotify, you can make it easier for fans to discover and stream your music around the world.

how to submit your music to spotify

How to upload music to Spotify?

You can only get your music on Spotify by using a music distributor (like MusicDigi). We make it super easy for you to upload your music to Spotify and other music streaming services like Apple Music and Deezer, all you have to do is create your new release via your dashboard at MusicDigi, upload the track and cover art, and select which stores you want us to deliver it to.

After you submit your track via MusicDigi, our system will then process your music and make sure it's all formatted correctly, and then deliver your release straight to Spotify and any other stores you selected.

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