How To Sell Music On Spotify

14-12-2016 / by MusicDigi

How To Sell Music On Spotify

Spotify has changed how many people listen to music, and It has become absolutely vital for artists trying to make it big in the 21st century to have their music on Spotify.

Launched in October 2008, Spotify is the largest subscription based music streaming service in the world, with more than 160 million active users and 70 million paid subscribers in 61 markets. The service allows users to sign up to a free ad-supported account, or pay for a premium account, and offers their users a number of ways to listen to the music they love. By putting your music on Spotify, you can make it easier for fans to discover and stream your music around the world.

how to submit your music to spotify

How do I get my music on Spotify?

MusicDigi makes it easy! With MusicDigi you can easily get your own music on Spotify and all the important digital music platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon,Google Play, etc.). Simply create your MusicDigi account, upload your music and we'll take care of the rest!


How Do I Make Money on Spotify?

Unlike physical or download sales, you earn royalties on Spotify whenever a consumer streams your song. Spotify pays a percentage of the monthly subscription or advertising revenue they receive from the advertiser or consumer. The percentage is based on many factors including how many streams your music received during that month, the location of the streamer and their subscription type (free or premium).

Get Your Music on Spotify

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