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K.ZIA's voice on her latest record, "I Got Your Back," will soothe your soul. The Brussels born, Berlin-based singer describes her music as a blend of soul, R&B, and pop, and afro-urban vibes. We caught up with K.ZIA to get the latest on her new music, inspiration, and more.

Q: How did you get the name 'K.ZIA'?
My artist name is actually my birth name, just spelled differently.  I was given the name KEZIA but since there is already the amazing Keziah Jones out there, I needed to make sure we were differentiated, Thus K.ZIA

Q: What is the story behind your new record "I Got Your Back"?  
So "I Got Your Back" was the last single before the album comes out In February. It's on the K.ZIA side of the album "Genesis" Which is divided into two parts. On one hand - in english the K.ZIA side and on the other hand, in French, my alter ego ZIA's part. I wrote this song for one of my best friends. My oldest friend. We were both going through a lot in 2021 and with the lockdowns and everything we couldn't see each other. She felt very alone and in deep need of a friend. Because of the traveling restrictions, and my own mental health being very fragile I felt powerless to help a friend in need. The one thing I could do from afar  - and with the little energy I had from all this - , was to write my feelings into music and send her a musical hug of comfort and love.

Q: Who in the music industry - past and present - are your greatest influences?
My mother ZAP MAMA is my biggest influence. As a woman, an independent artist, a person with a message and a clear vision, she is the most inspiring artist I've met and luckily for me I was blessed to have her as a mom too. Other artists that have inspired me whether it may be because of their Music or persona, style, narrative, drive or creativity are Grace Jones, Michael jackson, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce to name a few:)

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Q: What advice do you have for new artists trying to break into the industry?
Surround yourself well ! - By people you trust, who understand and believe in you and your vision and that are happy to see you thrive and succeed.  

Believe in yourself and don't let people bring doubt or fear into your mind. You can learn from people and move with help but some people might just break your confidence and distract you from where you need to go.

Be yourself and be patient and persistent. Try, fail, learn, evolve Repeat. - Define your brand. Your style, your values, your image, your message, and the more you go forward the more this image should be detailed and developed.

Q: What's the coolest place you've ever performed?  
I would say SKYBAR in Accra Ghana. Not because it's a fancy concert venue or anything like that but simply because it was the first time I was being flown out of my continent to perform. These are important milestones in the career of a performer and I was lucky for it to be in a dope place like Accra !

Q: What's next for K.ZIA?
The Next step is the Album drop on February 11th. It's my first big body of work, and I'm excited to share it with the world.

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