Artist Spotlight: Np Hozman

Np Hozman Breaks Down His Latest Single “Bang Bang

North Philly MC Np Hozman breaks down the concept behind his latest single “Bang Bang”, his upcoming album “Hozoleum”, and where he finds inspiration.  
How did you get the name Np Hozman?
First of all I'm from North Philly I'm from North Philadelphia so the NP stand for North Philly Hasan is my real name so for short my friends called me hozman so I ran with that
What was your inspiration for your song “Bang Bang”
My Inspirations for bang bang.. is to let the people know and my fans know how real it is in the street you know don't take nothing for granted don't take life for granted so my Inspirations are you know is to let my friends know and to let the people know what's really happening in the street bang bang is the song basically is is is a relatable song far as letting people know and leting my fans know what really can happened to you you know it don't take life for play play

Is “Bang Bang” part of a new project that’s coming up?
Yes bangbang is a exclusive single off of my upcoming Album titled hozoleum I will be released some time this year..
This gonna be a great album..prod by Nakia price..from Germany..
What would you say are the best benefits of being an independent artist?
The best part about being a independent artist I collect a 100% (percent) of my royalties also I get to move like I want to move..with that being said..I can release music when I feel like it..also owning ya own Masters is so beneficial to me..
Owning my publishing is a beautiful that..
Why is Musicdigi a great tool for artists?
I love Music Digi because ya give different opportunity for independent artist like my self..ya promote music in the best way..the platform y'all offer to artist is outstanding..I love it...
What's next for Np Hozman?
Clothing lines
Shoe lines
Sneaker line
Record deals if possible
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