6 Killer Content Ideas for Promoting Music on Social Media

04-03-2021 / by MusicDigi

6 Killer Content Ideas for Promoting Music on Social Media

If you want more ways to get your music heard, then you have to be on social media! What other place will you be able to directly connect with thousands - even millions - of people, all without leaving the comfort of your living room? It’s an opportunity to connect with fans, grow your fanbase, and get heard.

So here are some amazing ideas for content that are light on budget but big on impact:

Give a tour of your space

Give an inside look of your studio, tour, or event with some exclusive footage. Fans love to see what you're up to behind the scenes, so show off something special that helps brand you, get attention, and drive sharing. This is a great way to communicate more about who you are as an artist beyond just your music.

Record a jam session

You don’t need a reason to jam. Just turn on the camera solo or invite a friend over to freestyle - or even just experiment live with some new sounds. This is a time when you can really show off anything you want to highlight or just use it as a brainstorming space where fans can watch, so have fun with it. Record it anytime and post it on social media when your posts tend to get the most interactions.

Host an online concert

Sure, there’s nothing like a live concert to get that beat pulsing through your fans. But when you can’t perform in person, an online concert is your next bet. There are tons of ways to do it, which we wrote about in our previous article on how to host an online concert. You can host on social media for free, or you can sell tickets and stream through your favorite platform, and fans can watch from the comfort of their living rooms.

Write music live

Hosting a writing session lets your fans in your head to see your creative process. It’s a great way to even incorporate your fans and get them to contribute in the comments as you work! Get live feedback and interact as much as possible. You can even explain your writing process to fans.

Prep and ‘ask me anything’ session

Ask me anything - you’ve seen them, so why not try your own? Let fans know in advance when you’ll be going live for a Q&A, and encourage them to participate. You can use features like Instagram Live and Twitch so you can connect in real time with fans.

Make a TikTok video

TikTok. The latest place for viral content, where just one video can propel you into social media stardom. This platform has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, and many musicians are getting huge attention from their posts. With MusicDigi, you can put your song on TikTok and add your music to your videos. Anyone else can also use your music in their own videos, too. Adding your music to TikTok allows your music the chance of earning revenue.

Bottom line - don’t sleep on social media. It’s a musician’s friend when you know how to take advantage of it, so incorporate as many ideas into your overall campaign strategy as you can and get to work. The more people you can engage on social media, the more people will be streaming your music.

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