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How to get your music onto Instagram Reels

Instagram now lets you use a short-form video feature similar to TikTok, called Instagram Reels - without ever leaving the Instagram app. Having your songs there means anyone can record 15-second “Reels” set to your music.

MusicDigi makes it easy to get your music on Instagram Reels. Just create an account and select Facebook in the stores section when distributing your music, and it will automatically be available on Reels once released.

Why Should Musicians Use Instagram Reels?

The more ways you can get your music reaching more ears, the better. With Reels, you’ll be able to connect your music with more new fans, and it could even be a part of the next viral video! Functioning much like TikTok, the content is also pretty similar (from dance-crazes to lip-synching - you name it, it’s there).

What’s important for artists looking to reach new fans beyond their followers is that Reels can be “unconnected.” This means your content can reach users based on engagement, not who follows you, all thanks to Instagram’s algorithms. This gives you tons of opportunities to get the stuff you create in front of new people.

Anytime your music is used in a Reel, Instagram’s algorithms will link it back to your Instagram profile or music catalog. The more your songs are used on Reels, the more likely you are to have more engagement and gain followers.

Where Do Instagram Reels Show Up?

Instagram has a new Reels tab for your Reels content, but you can also upload these to your regular Instagram feed or your Stories, much like how IGTV content functions. Fans will have tons of ways to see and engage with your Reels.

Maximizing Instagram as an Artist

Instagram is now giving you more ways than ever to share your music. Along with Instagram Reels in the form of 15-second short-form videos, you can also add:

Long form video on IGTV
Live Streams
Temporary content as Stories (Great for new releases!)
Permanent content in your main feed
Ads + More

Using Instagram Reels gets others to react to your music and get creative themselves. This kind of user-generated content is super valuable for musicians and helps you connect with fans in a way that brings results.

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