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Taphari - the musician, the philosopher, the adventurer, the life of the party! Hailing from Brownsville, Brooklyn, he uses his music as a vehicle for understanding and coping with life, the world, and himself. Get on the positivity train and vibe out with Taphari's latest release, "Jet Stream," and see what the rapper had to say about life as a musician.  

Q: What is the story behind 'Jet Stream'?
Jet Stream was written as a reflection the first quarter of 2020. Even before the pandemic there was so much uncertainty about the future and what earth had in store for me. My life has always seemed to be swinging between extremes. Blessings and suffering; pleasure and pain and in 2020 it seemed to intensify. I signed my deal with Bayonet Records on a cot in lgbt shelter in Harlem. I was homeless and alone in world, but I was unafraid and focused. I knew everything I was experiencing was for the purpose of growth and that I was aligned with what was meant for me. Jet Stream was written about embracing the uncertainty of life alone and unafraid. Trusting in myself.

Q: Who in the music industry - past and present - are your greatest influences?
I was a big Lady Gaga fan in highschool, so much that I became know for it. I remade the Alejandro video when I was in the ninth grade. That footage live with the alien in area 51 tho. I also love Mary J Blige. She a capricorn like me and also helped me through a few depressions. I listen to her first two albums every day for like 2 year in my early 20. Also Kali Uchis lyricism, artistry and voice has helped me navigate the growing pain of my 20s. Q: What advice do you have for new artists trying to break into the industry? Be you. Think for yourself. Tell your story. Create a culture of you and whats meant for you will align. Also, consistency is key.

Q. What's the coolest place you've ever performed?
Bucharest, Romania! It was my first European gig. They flew me out and it was wild beautiful watching people who don't speak my language or look like me lose their minds to my music. Im forever grateful.

Q. What's next for Taphari?
I got a little something coming in first half of the year. I cant speak much on it, but Im so proud of it; so much that if I was to died tomorrow Ill be content because of what Im leaving behind.

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