Artist Spotlight: Nia Purslow

UK songstress Nia Purslow talks about her creative process, how she translates her real life experiences into music, and shares a checklist on how to brand yourself as an artist.

1. Give a checklist of the 4 key ways an artist can create a brand. 
checklist to your first question Be original. Promote yourself through different online platforms, have a professional logo made that stands out, build loyal professional relationships with producers to build rapor and interest with people in the industry (this takes time but is worth it)
2. How is picking the right name important for an artist? 
Its important to pick the right name that is best for you and only you, however if you have an uncommon unique original name, sometimes using that itself is enough. You dont always need a made up name or nickname to be known as an artist. Sometimes just your first name that is uncommon can draw attention with a great logo.

3. Is it okay to be influenced by other artists?
It is good to have musical influences and different sounds that inspire you, but dont get caught up in those sounds as they can cloud your judgement when writing your own lyrics and melodies. I like to write with a fresh mind and a pen and paper infront of me. Without any other music on or distractions, because I believe original is always better. Sometimes focusing on what you should sound like or who can get very distracting and take away from the creative process.

4. What's the coolest place you've ever performed?
The coolest place has to be the Eiffel Tower in Paris

5. How do you translate your real life experiences that you sing about into your music?
To get me in the creative mood, I usually get into a songwriting mood when I feel very strong emotions or vibes, such as strong feelings of happiness, positivity, saddness or an overwhelming feeling to get things off my chest. I guess its my moods create my inspiration to sit down and write. If you have things to talk about there is endless inspiration to be creative.

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