Tips for an effective music newsletter

11-12-2017 / by MusicDigi

Tips for an effective music newsletter

Although often underestimated or even despised, an emailing campaign is important because it allows to keep in touch with its customers, and in this case its fans, to subsequently generate revenue - direct or indirect.

Nevertheless, it is very easy to get stuck on such a campaign, which is unfortunate to the views of the investment that it can ask.

1 - Be short

This is the best advice we can give: to be effective, a newsletter must be simple and brief. As is often the case in marketing, it's best to put yourself in the shoes of your target.

Put yourself in the shoes of your fans who have subscribed to your newsletter: how much they love you, they have little time to spare and always try to get to the point.

2 - Find the right tempo

We recommend most of the time not to send too much newsletter ... especially if it is not important to say anything. No more than three per month, otherwise your fans will feel a little harassed and will not even read them again.

To realize this, look at all the indicators made available by your newsletters software.

3 - Tell about yourself

Registrants want the email you send them to be personal - as much as possible.

We do not understand what an emailing campaign is really like when we integrate the fact that it is a useful, direct and pleasant way to give news to people who want to hear from you and read them when they want to. . So as much as its content is nice, not too commercial, otherwise we get tired very quickly.

4 - Call-to-action

A call-to-action is a button that draws the eye of the person so that he understands that this is where the main information is, and clicks on it. You just unveiled your mixtape on Soundcloud? Integrate the link to your sound with a call-to-action.

Some of your fans, if not the majority, will fly over your newsletters, to stay only three or four seconds on it. A call-to-action is instantly visible by the person who watches his emails in a gust of wind, and the chances that he clicks on your link are multiplied.

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