5 People You Need In Your Music Team To Accelerate Your Career

18-06-2019 / by MusicDigi

5 People You Need In Your Music Team To Accelerate Your Career

Making it in the music industry is always going to be tough. But, contrary to what you might think, pursuing an independent music career is best done with a team around you. Going at it alone may seem bold and admirable, but you reduce your chances of success quite dramatically.

If you want to build a successful music career, then you should work on building a successful music team. It doesn’t need to be a large team - five people are all it takes. To help you on your push for stardom, here are the people you need to recruit:

Music Manager

Every artist needs a manager. They help manage your existing relationships and help find new opportunities for you. Look for someone that has a good track record, and that you can trust. Ask other artists if they recommend anyone and ensure they have lots of experience in the music industry.

A manager with experience can open doors for you with their pre-existing contacts. Not only that, but it means they know about different laws, licensing, and so on.

PR Manager

Every wondered why some artists get more publicity than others, even if they’re equally talented? Well, it’s thanks to a good PR manager!

With a PR manager, you have someone who takes care of all your press requirements. They set up interviews, create press releases for new songs, and spread the word about you. Find one with great media contacts as they can gain more exposure for you, catapulting you to the top.

Booking Agent

A booking agent ensures you’re booked in at all the best shows. They will have existing contacts in the music world, meaning they can book gigs that get you in front of large audiences. Sometimes all it takes is one gig to shine the light on a wildly talented musician. With a good booking agent, you increase your chances of finding your big break.

Plus, a booking agent helps you book tours and works with the people who run the venues. So, they make sure everything is set up and ready when you arrive. They also deal with sponsors, which can help you make some extra money.


Yes, you need a manager and a lawyer. A manager will manage your career while a lawyer ensures you don’t sign your soul away. They read through every contract you’re given, making sure it’s all legit and fair. A lawyer can also help you get better deals by negotiating with the lawyers from other parties.

It’s vital you find a music lawyer with plenty of experience. You’re trusting them with a huge responsibility, so you need to be sure that they understand the ins and outs of music law.


If you plan to sell your music, then you need a distributor. They’re the ones who will help promote and get your songs into various music stores and help you tap into all the different types royalty stream for artists.

A lot of distributors are known to create excellent artists opportunity for musicians who show lots of promise. Develop a good relationship with your distributor to ensure they’re promoting your music more than anyone else's!

These five people are the only people you need in your music career. Get out there and start looking for them right now if you want to give your independent music career a boost.

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