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A Musician’s Guide to Getting on a Podcast

Like any other field, the music industry is developing fast, and keeping up with the latest trends and innovations is essential to staying competitive. If you have not yet noticed, podcasts of all sorts are becoming increasingly popular and loved - and represent the new way to promote your music to your future fans. Getting on a podcast and selling music online is not that challenging if you know where to start!

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

However, before you start to craft your pitch, you should be clear on what kind of podcast you would like to use to promote your music. Not all of them are the same or reflecting your vision and values. Starting from the podcasts, you are already listening to is an excellent way to find the ones to use for your music.

Then, once you are sure about what hosts to contact, use their website to learn as much as you can about them. Besides their contact details, learn about the history and mission of the podcast - this will help you connect (and win over) the host.

The last step is writing the pitch. When doing so, be clear and personal. Set yourself - and your music - apart from the other marketing emails and pitches!

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The interview process

Nothing to be scared about, but the more you know about the show, the more you are likely to connect with the host. Play all of your cards, and don’t forget to listen to at least one episode before jumping on the first opportunity you see!

Build a relationship with the host

Once your music is recorded, it is not likely for the host to ask you whether you want to hear what it sounded like. However, if you think something has gone wrong or you would like to give it another go, don’t be afraid to ask to listen to the recording before it goes live!

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