Artist Spotlight | Brittany Bloom

29-01-2019 / by MusicDigi

Artist Spotlight | Brittany Bloom

With MusicDigi Breakthrough, we’re constantly showcasing new music from our favorite up-and-coming artists across all genres, and each week we pick one artist in particular to shine our spotlight on. Meet this week’s MusicDigi Breakthrough Artist of the Week: Brittany Bloom.

Brittany Bloom is South Carolinian R&B singer who has been songwriting since the age of 13. She has been a professional artist for over half-a-decade and has performed everywhere from Asia to Vegas, sharing stadium stages with multi-Grammy Award winners.

Her distinct style has gained widespread plaudits from fans and industry experts alike, including Alvin Speights amongst others, and is evident in every track of her 2018 EP. Her songs aim to bring love back to R&B, delving into the intricacies of relationships that everyone can relate to.

Brittany Bloom continues to win new fans with her winning combination of relatable lyrics and unique singing style – 2019 is set to be her biggest year yet.
Brittany Bloom’s first release of 2019 is the single ‘Do Better’, which deals with the frustration of being in a relationship with someone that fails to deliver on the promise to change.

The song is produced by Aaron Lamont and delivers cutting lyrics and a catchy hook for what is arguably the singer’s greatest showing to date. We expect the song to catapult her career to another level, and eagerly await the next instalment of what she has to offer in 2019.

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