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Best Practices: Choosing Your Release Date

Picking the right release date for your music is key to planning a successful Album release. While you can release your music on any date of your choice, being more strategic with your timing means you can maximize your marketability and reach new listeners.

Lead Time

Overall, the most important thing to keep in mind is giving yourself enough time to plan your release and coordinate with other members of your team. 

Creating an online buzz for your new release is important, so give yourself enough time to roll it out. Choosing a release date three or four weeks in the future when you upload music to streaming platforms will let you get the word out across your social platforms and target playlists.

One of the most important parts of promoting your music is reaching out to playlists. So, setting a lead date in the future will allow you to find the most popular playlists that fit your music and contact the playlist curator about adding your track. Learn more about how to get your music on streaming playlists here.

Picking a date in the future also lets you take advantage of Spotify’s release features like Windowing. Spotify Windowing is an exclusive release feature that allows artists to release new albums on Spotify Premium for two weeks in advance of the official release date. This means that Spotify Premium subscribers will get to listen to the new release two weeks earlier than the free tier.

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