How to get your music in a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music

01-03-2019 / by MusicDigi

How to get your music in a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music

Music playlists have become so crucial for independent music artists and bands. All it takes is for one song to reach a popular playlist, and your stream count will go through the roof. As a result, if you’ve chosen to sell your music online, you will start earning so much money and gaining loads of mainstream exposure.

The question is; how do you get your music in playlists on popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music? Well, here are some straightforward steps you should follow:

Ensure your profiles are verified

If you’re wondering how to get on Spotify playlists, then it all starts with a verified profile. The people that make playlists for this streaming giant tend to only use accounts that are verified. Thankfully, we’ve got a whole guide on how to get verified on Spotify in three easy steps, so check that out here.

The same goes for Apple Music; you have to claim your profile through the Connect feature. Again, we have a post that explains this in more detail and tells you how to manage your Apple Music profile.

Promote your music to generate streaming traffic

Naturally, playlist curators will have some bias towards artists with a decent amount of streams. If you’re already popular, then it benefits them to stick you in a playlist. You don’t have to generate millions of streams per month, but if you’ve got some regular fans streaming your songs, then it helps!

Use social media to promote your songs, create a YouTube channel, and create your own Spotify/Apple Music playlists as well. These three things help you attract more attention while making it easier for people to listen to your music.

Pitch your music to playlist curators

Often, the best way to get your music on Spotify or Apple Music is by contacting the playlist curators directly. Think about who makes the playlists; music magazines/sites, reviewers, and people working for the streaming company. It’s not hard to find out who they are as you can click on the playlists you want to be included on, and it says who created it. With a little bit of research, you’ll soon find them on social media where you can pitch them your songs. Send a video or audio clip, along with a description of yourself as an artist and the style of music you play.

Nowadays, you can even try Spotify Playlist Pitching, which is essentially where you send your songs to Spotify, and they’ll consider it for playlists. It’s the same idea, just a little more in-house and you don’t bug people online! Check out Spotify's guide to sharing new music for playlist consideration which explains all the essential steps.

These are the key things to do if you want to get your music on Spotify or Apple Music. Of course, it will take time - and you’ll have to be both patient and persistent. Keep going back and trying again as you never know when someone will eventually crack and listen to your song, then decide it’s playlist-worthy. When this happens, ensure you support the playlist and share it around loads, which drives more traffic to it. Streaming companies love this as it benefits them, which strengthens your relationship and means they’re more likely to include you in future playlists as well!

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