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How to manage your artist profile on Apple Music

If you already have content that is available on the iTunes Store or on the Apple Music streaming service, it's super easy to claim your Artist profile.

One of the features of Apple Music is Connect, a social bridge between artists and fans. Through Apple Music Connect you'll be able to share share audio, photos, and videos, and engage directly with your fans. 

How To Claim your Apple Music artist profile:

1. Go Here. Enter in your Apple ID and Password.

2. Select the type of content you’d like to manage (choose “Artists”)

3. Click the ‘+’ link on the next screen.

4. Click ‘+’ again on the next screen and enter your iTunes Store artist page URL into the popup.

Enter the iTunes Store link rather than your artist name because there may be other artists out there with identical or similar names (for instance: there’s probably a few singers named “Sam Smith”), and entering the exact iTunes URL will prevent confusion and delays

5. Select your role (solo artist, band member, manager, etc.) and fill out the subsequent fields.

If you do not have label or management contact information to provide you can just put in your own personal contact information twice and move on to the next step.

6. Click “done.” You’ll soon receive an email from Apple after approval of your profile claim.

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