How to Put Music on Apple Music

If you want to get your music on Apple Music, MusicDigi makes it easy. We’ll upload your music to iTunes and other digital music stores and streaming platforms.

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How to how to put music on apple music

1. Upload Your Music to MusicDigi

Create a MusicDigi account and upload your audio files and cover artwork in matters of minutes.

2. MusicDigi Puts your music to iTunes

MusicDigi will post your music on iTunes and all the major digital music platforms.

3. You Get Paid

See daily stats and earn money whenever people download or stream your music in stores.

Release unlimited music everywhere


Distribute and sell your music on all major stores and streaming services worldwide.

  • Unlimited Releases
  • Get Paid Monthly
  • Keep 100% of Rights
  • Release to Social Platforms
  • Monthly Sales Report & Trend Data
  • Free UPC and ISRC codes

Why MusicDigi?

Worldwide Distribution

We get your music playing in every major digital platform across 100+ countries worldwide. 

Stay In Control

You always maintain 100% ownership of your music. Your music is yours and it will remain that way.

Detailed Reporting

Monitor your sales across different stores and territories with in depth sales reporting.

Dedicated Support

Tap into our artist support team for assistance with distribution, promotion and more.

Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service, like Spotify, offering access to over 60 million songs. The service offers curated playlists, internet radio stations, and new music recommendations based on listeners’ music taste.

Launched in 2001, iTunes is the #1 digital download store in the world and offers a vast array of music. The service allows users the ability to download tracks to mobile devices and laptops and PCs.
Once you upload your music on MusicDigi, it usually takes anywhere from same-day to 48 hours.