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    Sell Music On Tidal
    Deliver your music to TIDAL, iTunes, Spotify Google Play and dozens of major outlets worldwide while keeping 100% control of your rights and royalties.

How To Sell Music On Tidal

MusicDigi makes it easy to sell music on TIDAL, iTunes, Spotify and a wide network of popular music stores in over 100+ Countries while you keep 100% of your sales revenue. Follow these easy steps to get started today.

You Upload Your Music

Sign up for a MusicDigi account, Upload your music, cover art and release information. Choose the stores and streaming partners where you want your music distributed to including the TIDAL store.

We Send Your Music to Tidal

MusicDigi will distribute your music to TIDAL and any other store or streaming services you selected in as little as 24-72 hours. We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of all your sales, by song, store and territory.

You Get Paid

Every time your music is streamed on TIDAL or downloaded on other digital platforms, You get paid, and 100% of your money will be put directly into your MusicDigi account.


Worldwide Distribution

We deliver your music to Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and all of the top digital music services in as little as 24-72 hours.

Track your sales & earnings

We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of all your sales, by song, store and territory. Track your music, See who’s digging it, and where?

Keep 100% Revenue

You keep 100% of collected revenues. Receive monthly reports and payments direct to your bank or PayPal account.

Earn YouTube Money

Earn money from YouTube whenever your music is used in a video even if it’s just playing in the background of a video someone else uploaded.


Distribute your music worldwide today. Get your songs into iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, YouTube, Deezer and more.

Signup Fee
$ 25 .00
Per Year
  • $2.50 per track upload
  • No annual fees per release(s)
  • Spotify, TIDAL, Apple & more!
  • Keep 100% of your revenues
  • Monthly reports & Payments
  • Delivery to dozens of stores
  • Make money on YouTube
  • Free Spotify Windowing
  • Free UPC & ISRC


MusicDigi sends your music to digital partners almost immediately. We get your music into iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all of the top digital music services in as little as 24-72 hours. If you've set a custom release date, your music will appear in stores on the date you specified.

MusicDigi generates these automatically and associates them with your music for FREE. You don’t have to think about it.

And we’ll show you what your UPC and ISRC codes are, so if you want to use them for any other purpose, you’re welcome to.
We distribute your music to all major digital music services. below are music stores and streaming partners we currently distribute to.

7 Digital
Amazon Music
Claro Música
Digital Tunes
Google Play
IMI Mobile
iTunes | Apple Music
KDigital Media
YouTube Audio Content ID

What other artists say about MusicDigi

Musicdigi is great because it gives you opportunities and connections that you can't reach yourself!
— Bella Blaq , Artist
MusicDigi.com cares about the artist knowing all the details about their Royalties. I love that they give us a full detailed royalty statement. Plus 100% to the artist....hell yea!!!
— Eryn Woods , Artist-songwriter