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How to Use Clubhouse for Musicians

Clubhouse is a social networking app that’s completely audio driven, letting users listen in to or participate in different conversations and live streams on a variety of topics, with celebrities like Drake, Oprah, Scooter Braun, and more joining in. For artists, this opens up a whole new avenue to promote your music through networking, connecting with fans, and streaming. With more than 10 million users already in its first year, it’s becoming an in-demand tool for artists looking to branch out.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media app allowing users to join in to real-time “rooms” in audio-only format, kind of like you’re joining in on a live podcast (or calling one of those party chat lines back in the 90s) - no video needed. You can create a room on any topic and invite users to start a conversation, and there are already tons of rooms related to music and being an artist on the app.

When you join, you’ll be able to set up your profile and get suggestions for rooms to try based on your interests. You’ll also get notifications when people you know join so you can follow them. Clubhouse is currently invite-only, so an active user will have to send you in invite in order for you to join. Each user has limited invites, which means you may need to do a little bit of work to snag one.

Currently, it’s only available as an iOS app on the iPhone, but developers are working on an Android version.

Why is Clubhouse Useful for Artists?

Clubhouse is useful for artists because it gives a combination of industry networking, live podcasts, and relevant panel discussions that can help drive your music goals forward. Its unique method of delivery using purely audio also allows you to create authenticity in your interactions with fans, fellow musicians, or anyone else who wants to join the conversation. The platform offers endless opportunities for networking with people in the industry, with GRAMMY winning artists and producers from around the world popping in on occasion to host their own rooms or join someone else’s.

From beat battles with the likes of Drake dropping in to full-scale productions of the Lion King, the possibilities are endless, as long as it uses sound. You can use the platform to stream a live concert or play your latest idea for listeners. It’s also great for those wanting to avoid the visual aspect of live streaming that comes with other platforms. Just remember, content is not recorded or saved.

How to Grow Your Following on Clubhouse

Gaining a strong following is fairly easy on Clubhouse. All you have to do is join in! Being more active in smaller rooms will get you noticed and gain you followers. Focus on rooms for networking opportunities or those relevant to your project. Like on other platforms, be sure to take time to build relationships with followers. The app doesn’t yet offer direct messaging, but you can always reach out further on other platforms to people you link up with on Clubhouse.

Creating valuable and interesting content will help solidify your following, so each time you are “on stage” be sure to use your time wisely. Your followers will get a notification when you go live, giving them a chance to join you.

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Content Ideas for Artists on Clubhouse

Once you get your foot in the Clubhouse door, you’ll need some ideas to start attracting more listeners. Here are some to get you started:

— Host a Q&A with fans for your new release
— Share your process and insights and invite others to join the conversation
— Stream new or upcoming music and unreleased music to tease fans
— Host a digital release party to celebrate your upcoming release
— Live stream a studio session
— Invite other artists to chat
— Share real-time news and updates

Clubhouse Music Mode

The app includes a Music Mode, which will help improve the sound quality in your room if it detects you’re connected to a mic. Join the Conversation It seems like there are always new platforms popping up, so it’s important to manage which you can get the most out of for your time and effort. With millions of users already and a rapidly growing music community, Clubhouse is worth a look for artists wanting new ways to connect with fans and industry peers.

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