Behind The Song | CNG

16-02-2021 / by MusicDigi

Behind The Song | CNG

Cali rapper CNG is chasing his dreams - and catching them. The Pomona native is back with yet another streets-approved banger titled "The Man." While he keeps churning out hits, he remains humble despite jumping on tracks with legends like Snoop Dogg. We caught up with CNG to check in as he continues his rise to the top of the music game.

Q. What's the story behind your new record "The Man"?
Once I heard the beat I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I knew this record was going to be a hit from the jump. It's a song with its own bounce, swag and confidence. Being independent with no record label or big investors means we have to go 3 times harder.

This whole project overall is my most and biggest project I've ever invested in. To get results you have to put in the work. I knew I had to take it to the next level on this one. In the short amount of time that it has been released results are definitely showing. I'm just glad and blessed that the streets and my supporters are enjoying it.

Q. What are the top things you gotta have in the studio when recording?
To be completely honest not much. Just a good engineer. I don't need a fancy studio. Some of my best music wasn't even recorded in a studio. Just a room with the equipment we needed. I personally like it to be just me and my team that are there to work.

Q. What is something your fans would be surprised to know about you?
Back before anyone really knew who I was I was a pizza delivery driver. During work and deliveries I was always writing music planting seeds, ideas, investments and creating the blueprint towards my career and foundation. This was actually something I wanted to save for a documentary. There's a lot of things people would be surprised about me but I will announce those things later when the time is right.

Q. What's the best collaboration you've had so far?
I'd have to say the record I was on with snoop, nata, ovi and snow "Feeling Good" Definitely something I will remember for a very long time. Shoutout to Jimmy Humilde for extending the invitation my way. There is also another huge record I'm very excited about but I can't say who it's with yet.

Q. What was the first album you ever bought?
The Game "The Documentary"

Q. What's next for CNG?
Bigger and better music with more growth. It's just me and my team. No Managenent, no label, no investors, nothing. I enjoy it, I like learning the game and the way business runs in the industry that I'm in. Im going to keep banging on the door until they open it. Im going to keep staying motivated and inspired in hopes that I inspire others to chase there dreams and become what they envision. I love all my supporters. "THE MAN" OUT NOW EVERYWHERE. Stay true, stay solid. SOLIDMOB

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