19-06-2020 / BY MUSICDIGI / TIPS

How to get verified on Amazon Music for Artists

Amazon Music has launched its artist app, with all the necessary tools to grow, monetize and interact with fans. If you’re a MusicDigi member, you get first access to claim your artist profile on Amazon Music for Artists.

Claiming your artist profile on Amazon Music’s analytics app.

Go to the App Store (Mac) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the Amazon Music for Artists app. When you open the application, Then log in with your personal Amazon account (if you don't have one, you can create one) and claim your artist account.

Once you’re verified Amazon Music, you can:

• Track trends and analyze data in depth.
• View status in Alexa with voice reports.
• Know the audience: discover where your music is being listened to.
• Know where songs are being listened to through thousands of Amazon Music playlists and stations.
• Ask for technical assistance.

Amazon is sourcing lyrics from both LyricFind and MusixMatch, so if you’ve already synced your lyrics in MusixMatch you’ll be all set.

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