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Pitch Your New Music to Amazon Music’s Playlists

As an artist, getting your music onto the top playlists is one of the best ways to help drive streams and attract new listeners, so landing on Amazon’s playlists is a major win. But how exactly do you land your own music on top playlists on Amazon? It’s easier than you think with Amazon Music for Artists’ New Release Pitch Tool!

What is the Pitch New Music Tool from Amazon?

With Amazon’s Pitch New Music tool, you can submit your music directly to Amazon’s playlist curators for consideration. If they choose your music, Amazon’s music editorial team will find the perfect home for it on a playlist that matches its genre, style, or other element that makes it fit.

What are the Benefits to Pitching my Music?

First and foremost, the more ways you can get your music to new ears, the better. Getting on playlists is a surefire way to gain new listeners. While you may not have success every time with the pitch tool at Amazon, the gains you get will be worthwhile if you do.

Plus, there’s more than just getting more streams. By submitting your music to Amazon Music for playlist consideration, your existing fans on the platform will get push notifications and alerts about your music that help Amazon track how people listen. This helps Amazon better use your track’s metadata to know when and where to play your music even if you don’t land on a playlist.

How Does it Work?

You’ll first need to sell your music on Amazon to take advantage of the Amazon Music for Artists’ New Release Pitch Tool.

Here’s how it works if you’re an artist looking to pitch your music:

1. Get verified on Amazon Music for Artists if you’re not already.
2. Navigate to the Amazon for Artists’ app and click “New Releases.”
3. Choose the single track you want to pitch. You can pitch one new release at a time, like the best single off your latest album.
4. Next, “make your pitch” and tell the editorial team at Amazon why your new music is going to be the hottest jam on the playlist. Sell it! Show them why your song will be successful, not just because it’s a banger, but also because you have a promotional plan in place.
5. Answer a few more quick questions to help the team learn more about your music, including genre, audience, and language.

What Music Can I Submit?

The guidelines for submitting music to the Amazon Pitch New Music Tool are pretty simple:

• It must be NEW music, never released before.
• Choose one track per release (single, EP, or album)
• Delivered to Amazon Music with streaming rights
• It has to be submitted 14 days or less after release

To Sum It Up

A few clicks and your music could be on its way to a spot on one of Amazon Music’s playlists! With Amazon’s new tool for pitching music directly to playlist editors, they’re making it easier than ever for artists to be heard and grow their fanbase. If you’ve got new music coming out, make sure submitting it to Amazon Music for playlist consideration is part of your release plan.

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