Using Video to Promote Your Music

06-04-2020 / by MusicDigi

Using Video to Promote Your Music

There are so many ways to promote your music as an artist, it can feel overwhelming at times. However, one thing you shouldn't skimp on is video promotion. Video is one of the best performing kinds of content out there. But where do you start, right?

Let's look at some of the best ways you can use video to promote your music to help you reach a million streams and keep going.

First, you have to create content. Music videos are a great place to start. YouTube is the biggest platform for publishing music videos. Monetizing your video will help you maximize your profits from your music by providing another lucrative revenue stream. Adding it to a "Mix" on YouTube can also help boost visibility of your video. You can also submit your video to VEVO or public platforms like Reddit to get feedback and gain views. 

Videos can be made on any budget if you just get creative. Consider using illustration or clips to create an appealing visual. There are easier and simpler ways to get video content out there too. Posting everyday clips on social media is a free and easy way to reach fans and keep them updated with what you're doing. Show them the studio, your show as you prepare to take the stage, or footage of you performing from the crowd. Read our full guide on how to make a music video on a DIY budget.

Live streams are also popular across multiple platforms, giving you a way to engage fans in the moment. Whatever you think is engaging, share it! Stay focused on interesting content people will want to share. 

Your own social media remains an invaluable tool for sharing video. You can reach out to friends to have them share your videos as well. Instagram is also starting to monetize plays, as is Facebook. And did you know? Many music blogs accept submissions of videos, so find a site that fits your niche of music that accepts content submissions.  

Whatever you do, make sure you video is immediately eye-catching and appealing. You want people to watch it and want to know more, and you also want them to share it. What would you share? Keep that in mind while developing content. 

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