How to get a Songwriter Page on Spotify

25-02-2020 / by MusicDigi

How to get a Songwriter Page on Spotify

Spotify is expanding its database of song and album credits with a beta launch of dedicated pages for songwriters.  

The company's latest effort -- called songwriter pages -- uses metadata to compile a list of songs that an artist has written and the musicians who the songwriter has frequently collaborated with, helping the user to discover more music they may enjoy.

Image: Spotify

The new program allows Spotify listeners to click on songwriters’ names in the credits. A profile pops up, showcasing all the songs that the songwriter has credits in on Spotify. It also showcases a list of their most frequent collaborators and links to their social media accounts. Missy Elliott, Justin Tranter, Meghan Trainor, Fraser T Smith, Teddy Geiger and Ben Billions are among the first songwriters accepted onto the beta.   

How do you apply for a Songwriter Page on Spotify?

Just go HERE to fill out an online form.

It’s pretty easy — and by easy, I mean it’ll take you a minute to fill out. No guarantees Spotify will quickly grant your request, of course!

But you absolutely should fill out that request form if you’re a songwriter. Songwriter pages could help relatively unknown musicians increase their visibility -- and hopefully their chances of being discovered, as well

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