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Why Every Musician Needs a Website

Every artist should have a website. There. We said it.

You can be on every social media platform under the sun, but if you don’t have one consolidated place to brand yourself, you’re missing out. A website gives you a hub that ties everything together. It also lets you brand yourself exactly the way you want.

Read on for why industry experts all recommend musicians create their own space on the web:


Having your own dedicated website will first and foremost make you seem more professional. Don’t just consider how fans view your website, but how labels, A&Rs, press, and other artists would see it too. A good website will be clear and give the right amount of information for a variety of visitors.


This is your chance to express exactly who you are as an artist. Think about how you use layout, color, images, and video in your site to show your style and creative side. Tons website builders have lots of great pre-designed templates to help you get started and build it to reflect your own voice.


Having a website gives you a hub to connect all your social media links in one place so fans can find you everywhere you’re at. It also gives you a chance to provide official contact info, and you can integrate a contact form to streamline how visitors get in touch with you. You can connect with fans in tons of ways too, like giving updates on upcoming releases or event announcements. You can also integrate video and music players of your latest releases or any other content you want to showcase.

Be sure to include an EPK (electronic press kit) so all the information about you is easy to find and in one consolidated place for download. This is what bloggers and other press look for when doing a writeup on you, and it also adds to your professionalism.

Earning revenue

Got merch? You can easily integrate a store into your website so you can sell your music and merch directly from the site. If you use a website builder service, they often include options to add a store, so check out any options they may have. Bandzoogle was made for artists to create stores and host websites all in one. Other options include Big Cartel and WooCommerce, all of which make it a breeze to create your store.

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