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5 Ways To Maximize Your Streams On The First Week

Your first week of data is a key indicator of whether you will get placed on major playlists or not. Knowing when, how, and where people are listening is important when promoting a new release. For these reasons, it is useful to have a strategy when you release your music in order to maximize your streams.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when promoting a new album or single:

1. Build Anticipation

Don’t release your music without some form of marketing strategy beforehand. You need listeners to know that your music is coming in advance. You need to get your music onto Spotify and iTunes in a measured way. Craft a digital marketing ploy, testing the waters with snippets of a track. This online buzz can create a mammoth first week of streams.

2. Reach Out to Media and Journalists

Put together a well-crafted press release to let the media know your new music is coming a few weeks in advance. Music journalists will be keen to feature new releases on their blogs and news websites. Forging a meaningful relationship with music media can help to get your tracks on Spotify and stay there as they foster more interest in you as an artist.

3. Utilize Sponsored Songs ad campaigns

An easy way to get guaranteed streams is by using Sponsored Songs ad campaigns. Sponsored Songs guarantee your music is played to listeners in your target audience on exclusive streaming partners like Audiomack and Deezer. To do this, check out Feature.fm for pre-release options.

4. Get Playlisted

Getting your song placed on a big playlist is one of the most effective ways to maximize streams early on. Many different streaming platforms have a playlisting feature with various curators. For example, Spotify allows anyone to submit music directly to their playlists, which is a sure way to get your music on the new music radar.

5. Promote Your Music Through Video

Once your track is released, using video to promote your music is one of the best ways to encourage streams and develop a greater following for your music. If you have a music video, don’t just give away the track for free! The track is already free since the listener can always play the video again. Instead, provide a song link in the video description so they can buy the music. This can help boost sales and streams across all music platforms.

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To sum it up

Following these methods will help you see a major boost in first week streams, so be sure to consider these as you set up your next release.

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