How To Get A Spot In iTunes Charts

05-06-2017 / by MusicDigi

How To Get A Spot In iTunes Charts

For artists, record labels and other rights holders, getting your music into the Official Charts is likely to be one of the most important measurements of success. The iTunes Top 100 has replaced the Top 40 and your potential No 1 no longer needs a physical format. Here's how to get your music buzzing, and a spot in the iTunes charts:

1. Build a blog worthy story around your music: 
Your potential No 1 needs a press worthy narrative: your original story. Artists stand out now by being different," People will link to you and embed you if you're remarkable, not if you fit the basic formula.

2. Set up Pre-Order on iTunes:
iTunes “pre-orders” do the trick. They help you start a buzz and promote your work. And creating them is easier than you think. Pre-order numbers will count towards an album’s chart position on the day of release. Now more than ever, you want to be sure you’re driving all traffic to your pre-order to help your chart position the week of release. Your singles and instant grat tracks are an important part of this strategy.

3. Make a viral video:
Today, the viral video is perhaps the form of online entertainment with the greatest global reach. Come up with an original, entertaining treatment. It needn't be expensive. Post the video on YouTube, Vimeo and Google Video.

4. Syndicate your song as widely as possible:
Get a conversation going on your blog, Facebook, Friendfeed and Twitter accounts. Post on Myspace,, ReverbNation, Bandcamp and other music-sharing platforms. 


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