How to promote your music On A DIY Budget

16-10-2020 / by MusicDigi

How to promote your music On A DIY Budget

Want to effectively promote your music without having to spend a fortune? It’s definitely possible, and it’s easier than you may think. While standard promotional strategies and hiring PR teams may be out of reach based on your budget, we’re here to show you some ways to increase your reach to fans and build your brand without breaking the bank.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool making it easy for artists to self-promote their music, even on a small budget. You can use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to build your followers, which will translate to more fans and revenue over time.


Promoting on TikTok, a short-form music app that lets users upload music and dance videos, is a breeze. Adding your music on TikTok and delivering content on the platform can help you boost your visibility and reach new audiences. Check out our full guilde on how to promote your music on TikTok.

Giving Back to Fans

Social media gives you the unique opportunity to interact with your fans directly. Find out what they like and try to give it to them. This can mean opportunities to pull in fans with merch giveaways, contests, or even to host an online concert and stream it with your followers.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Believe it or not, Facebook and Instagram ads actually do work. While the results may not translate to immediate or direct sales, these ads will certainly help you target a more specific audience and increase your visibility overall. The Facebook ad strategies guide gives a great overview of how musicians can gain traction on the platform.

Email Marketing

Don’t overlook email marketing to help grow your fanbase and keep current fans updated on what’s happening with you. Email marketing can be a surprisingly useful tool for promoting your music, helping you connect in as many ways as possible. You can tell fans about new music, an upcoming event, or send an email to stay in touch. And it’s not as hard as you think once you get a template and collect some emails.

Collaborating With Other Musicians

Working with other artists is always one of the best ways to help promote your music. Whether you work with artists in your genre or connect with those from other genres, you’ll be able to tap into their fan base to expand your own. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other artists and get to work. You can also promote other artists and their music to help build relationships that will help open even more opportunities for you.

Using Video to Promote Your Music

Video captures people’s attention in ways other forms of advertising just can’t. This makes it an invaluable resource for artists looking to get attention for not a lot of investment. There’re endless possibilities for video content for artists, from recording studio footage to official videos to behind the scenes content, there are tons of ways to grab the attention of viewers. Videos help you achieve better results when incorporating them into your social media marketing. Check out our guide on how to make a music video on a DIY budget.

Playlist Promotion

Getting your music on Spotify and iTunes can land you on a playlist which can help you break out and reach thousands or even millions of new listeners. Spotify has a process for submitting your music to their playlists directly through your Spotify for Artists account, as long as your music has already been delivered to Spotify and scheduled for release (submitted with at least 4 weeks lead time). Read our guide here to find out how to submit music to Spotify playlists directly.

If you use MusicDigi, you can also add spotify windowing to your release. This feature helps you get more streams and earn more money by releasing your new album exclusively to Spotify’s premium members early. It’s free and available to all MusicDigi members.


Bottom line is - get creative. Promoting your music doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be effective. By harnessing different types of media, platforms, and methods, you can get your music in front of thousands of new listeners without putting in a big investment.

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